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Ee Dil Helide Nee Bekantha 2014 Kannada Movie Review

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17:15:20 2014-11-04 Movie Reviews

Ee Dil Helide Nee Bekantha

Cast: Avinash Diwakar, Sri Shruthi, Sathish Mangaluru, Bharathi, Nagendra Shah, Kumuda, Mithra
Direction: T M Srinivas
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes

Though the story is good, Ee Dil Helide Nee Bekantha fails to make a mark due to its poor script and narration. The movie is dull from the word go. Even the entry of the hero is mundane and doesn't leave any lasting impression. The sequence of the first song is ill-timed and mars the movie-watching experience.

Balu (Avinash Diwakar) loses his phone while helping shift an accident victim to hospital. It ends up with Priya (Sri Shruthi). Balu contacts her and asks her to return the mobile, but every time she makes an excuse and keeps it with herself. They introduce themselves as Mathri and Myna and not as Priya and Balu. Through the telephonic conversations, Priya gets to know of Balu's helpful nature and the duo gets close. They decide to marry. The plot takes a twist when their parents choose respective matches for them.
With an incredible performance, Avinash has proved once again that he's talented enough to essay any role. Sri Shruthi deserves accolades for her expressions and dialogue delivery. Music by Sathish Aryan and camerawork by H K Chidananda are average.

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